Inked Tributes to Salvador Dali and His Quirky Work

 - Jan 27, 2009
References: & th01.deviantart
Even people who don’t love art are familiar with Salvador Dali’s work, even if their knowledge of his work extends solely to the melting clocks in his piece called ‘The Persistence of Memory.’ Dali’s Surrealist work and fondness of drawing attention to himself, were clearly huge inspirations for the people whose Dali tattoos are featured in the gallery.

Herein lies the rub: I don’t think any artist can ever capture the sense of Dali’s work, no matter how carefully they recreate it. For example, the full back tattoo is outstanding, but only as a tattoo; it could never stand alone. I think it is for this reason I love the portraits of the man himself the best, along with his quote.