Florakioph Arazolnsky Gives a Glimpse Into a Forbidden Lost World

 - Jun 27, 2009   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: behance.net
This surreal garden by Florakioph Arazolnsky is a glimpse into a secret world--one I'd love to live in. Each image in this pictorial is more stunning than the last--the beauty of this place is like something out of an exotic fairytale.

It's scenes like this surreal garden by Florakioph Arazolnsky that make me want to travel the world to see all sights unseen. Check out some other incredible landscapes below.

Implications - While you're viewing these incredible landscapes, do yourself a favor and examine the intricacies of the natural wonders. Many of these landscapes are the kind of things fit for fantasy novels and movies. It is also a strong reminder of that many of the Earth's best gifts have nothing to do with technology or the Internet.