From Crazy Geometric Inkblots to Mind-Bending Collages

 - Jan 18, 2011   Updated: May 16 2011
The 60s aren't dead. Most artists keep the tradition alive by an explosion of colors to their work creating acid-tripping imagery in the process. Art pieces without colors make up for it with distorted images that are just as mind-blowing.

Check out these psychedelic trends that'll take you straight down the rabbit hole and into a sea of acid-tripping imagery.

Implications - Psychedelia reflects the consumer's wish to return to a decade that was defined by free love and a lack of inhibitions. Due to the increasing bureaucratization and corporatization of society, consumer's wish to push back in any way that they can. The psychedelic trend appeals mostly to young rebellious consumers, but also middle-age men and women who may have experienced the 1960s themselves.