From Bold Layered Fashion to Broken Glass Bijoux

 - Nov 16, 2011
As winter looms in on many parts of the world, darkness creeps in, and here to splash a bit of life and color into the lives of many are some flirty fuchsia fashions.

As a little girl, pink may have been your favorite color, and a color girls simply adored and loved. But now, fuchsia (the hot, high-fashion color) is loved by all the top-shot fashionistas and superstars. This year, there was a lot of flashy fuchsia dresses doing rounds on the runways for the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 collections. Even the menswear line adored bright fuchsia colors, so ladies and gents, these dazzling fuchsia fashions are just the beginning of a truckload of coveted fashion finds.

From makeup and art, to jewelry and interiors, it looks like fuchsia season is rockin' and rollin'.