The Ever-Mutating Art of Gustavo Ortiz

 - Aug 7, 2009
References: pureevilclothing & hookedblog
I love the colors and the funny little hands of these figures who seem to cluster in Argentinian artist Gustavo Ortiz’s creative universe.

The London-based artist recently had his first solo exhibition in London entitled 'Metamorphosis,' where these artworks above were featured.

Gustavo Ortiz's artwork is marked by an influence of colonial art as well as native indigenous artistic practices. Using collages as his primary medium, Ortiz combines the whimsical elements of naive art with the unexpected juxtaposition of surrealism, thus creating an atmosphere of surprise charm and simplicity.

I must confess, I bought two of Gustavo Ortiz’s pieces last year before he was exhibited, thank God, as I am sure his pieces will increase in value over the next couple of years.