Fashion Mag Gets Controversial

 - Aug 13, 2007
References: vmagazine
V Magazine used a controversial fashion editorial to showcase this season's must-have shoes. Combining images of the female form and stylist Brian Mollov's foot-wear picks for the fall, the magazine spread is tastefully done, yet is still facing a lot of scrutiny by more conservative types.

The photography by Bela Borsodi is being met with varied opinions. Over on, two opposing view points were rolling in, some of the bloggers finding it ridiculous that naughty imagery was being used to sell footwear, others thinking it was an innovative approach.

It all depends who you ask -- either way, the ad was effective. It got attention, it's been talked about, and the images will remain in our minds. Next time you pass a high-end shoe retailer and spot those Balenciagas, you're going to recall the spread and maybe even slip them on to see if your butt looks just as phenomenal in them!

It's body art. It's creative. Yes, it's edgy, but I think most women would agree that in the images where full-force nudity isn't present, the body curves are great, and the resulting image is classy and appealing.

I say, if you can use naughty imagery to sell anything today, be it water or electronics, why not for shoes?

Then again, maybe I'm just too European.