From Naughty LEGOS to Fake Naughty Advertising

 - Jun 27, 2009   Updated: May 3 2011
While all of the cheeky creations in the cluster below are technically not safe for work, they're more likely to make you laugh than blush.

From cheeky boob-shaped bathroom accessories to saggy boob scarves, furniture with special cutouts for, ahem, male parts, deceptively naughty advertisements, and DIY condom decor, these innovations are sure to get a giggle out of you.

Implications - Everyone knows that to some degree, sex sells, but some of the featured cheeky creations are purely outrageous! It is interesting to see all of the 'fake naughty' creations that try to get people's minds in the gutter. See if you can get to the end of this collection without letting your mind wander. Impossible, right?