The Naughty Girl's Guide To Life

 - Aug 14, 2007   Updated: Apr 7 2011
References: amazon & women.timesonline
A new book published in the UK advocates the philosophy that, listen closely girls, it's more fun to be naughty than nice. Maybe there's something in this book that Paris, Britney, and Lindsey have been missing.

"You know, there's so much more you can be getting away with in life. There's no need to be so nice. Life is so much better when you're naughty. There was a time when we both thought life sucked. Men have broken our hearts. We've worked for absolute swines. Sharon got so fat through sulking, she ended up doing a TV diet show. Tara got so thin, the paparazzi needed magnifying glasses to find her. We've been at our lowest ebb. We've even worn flat shoes. But it was time to pull our stockings up. Forget the 12 steps to recovery. We've gone straight to step 13 â€" the naughty step:

Grant us the serenity to accept that singledom does not always suck
Courage to realise the search for Mr Right may well reach double figures
And the wisdom to know that even if that ex-lover list hits treble figures, you're not a slag. You're just unlucky

So sling on your Louboutins, pour yourself a lychee martini, settle back and learn the rules (incidentally, if you are in rehab, then well done and keep it up. Whenever we say alcohol, we mean a slice of chocolate cake for you)."

Implications - It seems that society has a growing interest in the 'bad girl' in society.