Virgin's Naughty Campaign

 - Oct 14, 2007
References: sundayherald
Virgin is being criticized for making their latest campaign a little bit too naughty. The wildlife orgy campaign is Richard Branson's attempt to show the environmental perks of Virgin Trains.

The video shows "Pantomime animals simulating vigorous and varied sex acts," the Sunday Herald described.

"Bloggers are being offered money to post the unbranded video on their blogs. Called 'Sex Party', it features actors dressed up as wildlife complaining that global warming has made species copulate earlier and more often. The video ends by suggesting that one way to help stop this excess mating is to cut pollution by travelling by train instead of car or plane. But the message could be counterproductive, with one media expert describing it as as 'tasteless' and 'offensive.'"

Viral marketing is all about getting people to pass on a message naturally. Shock is often the key element, and along with it often comes controversy. Virgin certainly raised a buzz in the blogosphere; they clearly agree with the old adage that any publicity is good publicity.

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