Fake underwear skirts, Animal P_rn and Naughty Tableware

 - Feb 9, 2009
References: trendhunter
Fake underwear skirts, animal p_rn and naughty tableware. Today we hunt: Deceptive Naughty.

10. These ads suggests sex sells, even when it’s fake. They include fake thighs made of Kingfisher lager, a bikini body that is actually made of oranges, and an innocent shoe lace.

9. Are you afraid of peeing? You will be now. These ladies might look like they’re measuring you up, but it’s actually an ad for an all-female interior design company.

8. Deviously harmless photography by Robert Kern.  Quit thinking naughty thoughts.

7. You’ve seen fake cleavage shirts… But in Japan, it’s all about fake underwear skirts.

6. Are you regretting your Brazilian wax.  Fake the natural look with faux fur bikini bottoms…

5. Philippe Di Méo’s erotic tableware collection.  Don’t forget your spice beads and your wine shaft.  Who writes this stuff?

4. A camel dressed like a prostitute?  A stripper toad?  Welcome to the world of fake animal porn. 

3. One group of LA realtors advertised apartments with fake window dancers. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, and if the desperate measures can strip, all the better.

2. The fuzzy coin purse.  This one is just inappropriate.

1. Bread from Bice makes you look twice. With such hot bread, you’ll have to protect yourself from landing a new bun in the oven. 

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