From Fashion to Landscapes These Captures are Gloomy

 - May 1, 2012
As these melancholic monochromatic photographs demonstrate, black and white photography does well to evoke feelings of ennui and gloom. Contrasting shades of gray render well-defined figures while muting any feelings of levity such figures may evoke.

It is often said that people associate blue with calmness, red with passion and green with creativity, where gray and black are usually associated with starker, more austere feelings. Of course, this does not limit the art of photography; rather, it often creates opportunities.

Dark moods work well in a variety of genres and with a myriad of themes. Landscapes can become much more dramatic; conceptual art can become better focused; fashion photography becomes edgier and darker. In short, black and white photography is quite well-suited to darker themes, moods and genres.