The Brooklyn Invitational Tumblr Shines a Softer Light on Badass Bikeres

Although I'm not a big fan of motorcycles, I can appreciate the Brooklyn Invitational tumblr for it's stunning captures of badass bikers.

The Brooklyn Invitational is one of the most popular motorcycle shows around and photographer James Stone is celebrating this by putting together the Brooklyn Invitational tumblr. Made up of monochromatic photos of bikers with tattoos, you would think the feeling of the blog is dark and gritty. The images actually show a softer side to each person despite their various sleeves and piercings.

Check out the Brooklyn Invitational tumblr to see how beautiful biking can be.

Implications - Products featuring a bolder aesthetic attract shoppers who desire a way to stand out. Consumers are no longer looking for subtle styles but opting for grittier ones. In order to increase levels of revenue, a company could develop a greater number of statement-making designs.