This Maxim Mjödov Photography is Otherworldly

 - Apr 20, 2012
References: & photographyserved
Estonian photographer Maxim Mjodov recently shot a series of photographs titled, ‘Postcards from Africa.’ Despite their title however, one might think they were postcards from mars from looking at some of the shots. There is a distinctly alien feel to the photography. This comes from the digitally modified color schemes, the diminished lighting and most of all the landscapes the photographs depict.

There is so little vegetation in these pictures, it seems that the closest foliage is a galaxy away. One feels as though they are looking at images sent from one of NASA’s Mars rovers rather than a post-card from a continent with roughly one billion people. The shots that do feature life do so sparingly. Interestingly, the sparse and alien feel of the photographs does not make them unpleasant; rather, they evoke a sort of serenity.