Tomasz Gudzowaty Photographs a Group of Young Determined Athletes

 - Dec 17, 2011
References: gudzowaty & mymodernmet
Upon browsing through the series of Tomasz Gudzowaty’s monochromatic captures, one can’t help but feel overwhelmed with a great sense of admiration.

Showcasing various sports activities, such as Shaolin martial art, yoga, gymnastics and swimming, among several others, Gudzowaty photographs a group of young and disciplined athletes undergoing their routine and physically demanding training. While their ability to balance steadily, synchronize perfectly, and perform a number of gravity-defying stunts is no doubt notable, at the end of the day, what is impressive about observing these people is their unrivaled endurance and determination.

Also featured in Tomasz Gudzowaty's series are animals and their laborious life. Just like the athletes, these animals endure extreme fatigue after a hard day’s work.