- Mar 23, 2015
These epic Nike campaigns are designed to make the hairs on your neck stand up, your palms sweat and your heart race, with the end goal of getting you to associate feats of human excellence with the Nike brand. The American sportswear apparel behemoth has made a habit out of coming up with epic campaigns that inspire viewers to push their limits, and is unmatched in this regard.

These epic Nike campaigns cut across platforms, although understandably some of the best examples come from the television commercial segment. Nike's campaigns are unique in that they don't simply show off brand ambassadors' exploits in stadiums packed with tens of thousands of people. They also celebrate the feats of regular amateur athletes and people who play a sport just for enjoyment.

Whether you're talking social media campaigns to celebrate a departing baseball legend or TV commercials commemorating a showpiece sporting event, these Nike campaigns are consistently epic and inspiring in keeping with the brand's identity.

From Intense Cricket Showdowns to Motivational World Cup Ads: