These Patti Jordan Artworks are Beautifully Organic

 - Jan 6, 2012
References: pattijordan & butdoesitfloat
These Patty Jordan artworks have a beautifully natural flow with organically formed shapes. The artist employs experimental methods to create these fluid pieces. Her ambiguous and undefinable work has a distinctive and memorable quality that challenges traditional art norms.

These fluid drawings employ a multitude of interesting practices that include experimentation with graphite and dark printer's ink. The artist uses varying techniques in order to produce these evocative final images. This drawing series is both delicate and powerful with an undeniable presence on a white canvas.

This monochromatic series' soft strokes resembles the hazy and transparent flow of smoke. They are not complex in their execution but exude an organic freedom that is difficult to achieve making these drawings distinctive, successful and memorable pieces of art.

Image Credit: Patti Jordan