The Nicola Wincenc by Grant Yoshino Shoot is Villainous

Menswear is taking fashion more and more cues from bad-boys, as the Nicola Wincenc by Grant Yoshino Portrait series is effortlessly cool. Model Nicola slicks back his long blonde hair, styled by Jakob Sherwood for this snarling shoot.

Nicola's bad-boy flair is showcased in monochromatic portraits that offer a stoic stance by Nicola along with a wide variety of expressions. The model smokes and snarls as he looks into the camera's lens. He sports a wardrobe of suited separates, all classically structured and perfectly tailored. Patterned dress shirts add a playful and fashion-forward edge to the portrait series.

The shoot features a combination of indoor studio shots and outdoor captures. The bold white indoor shots bring out the model's striking hair color and chiseled features while the outdoor captures bring emphasis to his wardrobe.

Image Credit: Grant Yoshino