Veronika Anna Captures Moody, Melancholic Photographs

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: veronika-anna.blogspot & flickr
Veronika Anna's dark artistic expression is captured on film as she lenses wanderers of suburbia. The images are hay and wispy, like movement through a quiet dream. Her compositional style is slow and concise, taking advantage of atmosphere and natural lighting. The series features mostly faceless subjects, creating a tension.

Veronika Anna is a 28-year-old artist, based in Lodz, Poland. She graduated from culture and film studies, leaning towards the metaphysical motif. The young artist believes that that analog photography is a different photographic experience. She says on Nope Fun, "The element of waiting and surprise – this is the reason for which it is often chosen, as well as the respect people have for this technique and the will to develop themselves."