- May 26, 2019
The May 2019 mobile trends cover a variety of innovative smartphones, accessories, apps, and immersive marketing tactics that are meant to be enhanced with mobile devices.

One noteworthy app that's featured is Chango, a personal finance tracker that aims to educate young users on how to properly manage their money and budget for the future. With a streamlined interface that highlights all key information in a dashboard, it's easy for users to open the app and instantly get an understanding of their current standing. With a simple design that's informative but not overwhelming, Chango is perfect for young adults who are looking for financial guidance.

Also included is the Shift app, which was created by Michael Gunnulfsen to motivate fitness fanatics as they head out for their workouts. The app categorizes fitness podcasts and pump up music for users, with podcasts playing when they're heading to the gym or resting afterwards. With Spotify premium integration, the app saves users on time, as they no longer need to spend hours searching for content and creating playlists for themselves.

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