- May 26, 2019
The May 2019 art & design trends have roots in sustainability, transportation, fashion, hospitality and more.

For one, creatives have been focusing on producing unique silhouettes of shoes, ultimately pushing the boundaries of the footwear industry. An example of this in the parameters of streetwear would be Heron Preston x Cactus Plant Flea Market's customizable bubble-like iteration of an Air Max 95 x Air Max 720 hybrid. Another low-key instance of this is Somersby's grass slippers that give one the perpetual perception of walking on grass.

For individuals who seek to push the boundaries of material use, the May 2019 art & design round-up has some pretty interesting architectural implications. This includes a shapeshifting meta-material spacecraft prototype from NASA, as well as a shapeshifting structure in NY's Hudson Yards.

From Authentic Grass Slippers to Flexible Office Furniture: