Brodie Neill Fills an Hourglass with Microplastic

 - Apr 9, 2019
References: brodieneill & dezeen
Designer Brodie Neill has captured public attention by way of his eco-concerned pieces — from glacier chaise longue to ocean plastic dining tables, and the creative's latest endeavor shares an alternative hourglass design. Instead of filling the time-telling tool with sand, Neill fills it with microplastic which has been collected from the shores of Tasmania.

This subtle but bold substitution is in relation to the issue of ocean plastic pollution. The designer partners up with environmental agencies and beachcombers to bring the daring hourglass design to the public's attention. Each future token will specify where the microplastic is derived from in the world, combining agency, geographical location and hard proof that "we are affected by plastic waste in all corners of the world." Ironically, the hourglass design also signifies that this is a time-sensitive issue that requires immediate action.