- Jun 30, 2018
The June 2018 mobile trends cover new apps, smartphone designs, the evolution of emojis, anti-distraction devices, and more.

Especially noteworthy is Under Armour's HOVR Phantom sneakers, which work with a connected app that helps consumers to get a better idea of their running patterns and techniques so that they can learn from them and improve. In addition to telling consumers about their patterns and techniques, the app tracks the distance covered in real-time.

Also included is the Moxie smartphone for dogs that connects to a furry friend's collar to monitor their barking. When dogs bark near Moxie, it connects to a home speaker that allows users to speak to them and calm them down when they're out of the house. This enables owners to keep watch of their pets while they're away, and helps dogs to feel more secure when they're left alone.

From Clip-On Breathing Sensors to Anti-Distraction Cell Phones: