'Assistant SZ' Uses AI to Save "Smartphone Zombies" from Falls

 - May 9, 2018
References: smartphone-zombies & producthunt
There's an epidemic that's spreading around the world that's turning people into zombies, and rather than trying to stop it, 'Assistant SZ' is trying to proliferate it as much as possible. That might sound bleak, but the epidemic isn't a disease (though some might think of it that way). Rather, people are becoming "smartphone zombies", where they use their smartphones while walking and thus tune out the rest of the world.

Smartphone zombies are at once a trifling annoyance and a serious problem. For those in the grip of the mindlessness, it's annoying to accidentally trip over a missed curb or to walk into a signpost. However, statistics on car accidents impact pedestrians have risen recently, and some theorize that smartphone zombies are contributing to that rise. Assistant SZ (which stands for smartphone zombie), uses image analysis on one's smartphone camera to look ahead and warn users when there's an obstacle in the way.