- Jan 25, 2012
To get a message across to consumers, marketers must stimulate the receivers’ brain, which is why interactive advertising campaigns are starting to become more prominent than publicity stunts. Interactive campaigns are able to stimulate and entice possible consumers, which is why interactive advertising campaigns are so important.

The campaigns featured here vary from Internet-based interactive advertising campaigns such as crowd-sourcing or French fast food wars, to more elaborate ones such as camera worthy campaigns and touching commercials. In the end, the most important thing for advertisers to achieve is a connection to the brand, and manufactured feelings. This holy Mecca of results can be seen in campaigns such as personalized QR code stickers, and laser graffiti, which leaves the consumer with a close connection to the brand, creating an evangelical following.

Advertisers take note: this is the way of the future. Recognition is the lowest it has ever been for print and television, while interactive ads like these create a buzz, many go viral, and most importantly, people remember them.

From Crowdsourced Beers to Heavy Duty High Fives: