This Stunt Added Some Fun to the Routines of NYC Subway Conductors

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: adweek & designtaxi
This NYC subway stunt was created by Rose Sacktor and Yosef Lerner, two Miami Ad School graduates who wanted to inject some fun into the days of train conductors, since they "spend their whole day in that small booth, alone."

NYC conductors are required to point at numbered black and white strips at each station to prove that they are paying attention. Sacktor and Lerner made a fun version of this by holding up black and white signs with text on them that read things like "point here if you are dead sexy" or "point here if you have taken a selfie while driving." The simple stunt was able to get a smile or a laugh out of the conductors, give them a little interaction during their day and let people thank them for their service.