The MetroNap Wakes Tired Commuters Before They Miss Their Stop

 - Sep 7, 2013
References: & gizmodo
Subway sleeping is a phenomenon all commuters have faced at one point or another, whether you are simply too tired to stay awake on public transit, or you've been in the awkward position where the stranger beside you falls asleep on your shoulder. The MetroNap is an app designed to wake subway sleepers up so they don't miss their stop. New York-based designer Tobias Domhan was inspired to create the app when his girlfriend fell asleep on the subway and ended up in a sketchy part of town.

To use, input your starting point and final destination. The app uses your smartphones accelerometer to gage when the car is moving, and sounds an alarm to wake you up a few minutes before you are to reach your destination. While the app doesn't eliminate subway sleeping, it is a solution focused commuter aid. Unfortunately, it's only available for the New York City subway system.