Emergency Wet Tissues Protect You From Toxic Gas and Smoke

 - Nov 4, 2013
References: neyeni.net & yankodesign
All it takes is an exhaust-emitting truck to tempt you to breathe into your sleeve, but what does a whole subway's worth of people do when the air becomes contaminated underground? These Emergency Wet Tissues are a much more effective alternative to inhaling through woven cotton; they incorporate filters and deliver moisture to keep your lungs from becoming damaged.

Jeongguk Lee proposes dispensers for the gas mask wet wipes to be installed on the walls on subway platforms and illuminated by a green symbol that people associate with evacuation scenarios. Should there be a fire and smoke, or the expulsion of toxic chemicals, the Emergency Wet Tissues can cover one's nose and mouth completely, allowing them to continue with normal respiration while avoiding the consumption of unhealthy gaseous substances as they exit.