Swivel by FaceCake Uses Microsoft Kinect to Let You Try on Clothes

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: theverge & news.discovery
Virtual dressing rooms are becoming a big part of online retail, but now another innovative technology concept may change the game in the near future. Swivel by FaceCake is an interactive, motion-activated tool that lets people try on clothes and accessories through the use of Microsoft Kinect.

The Swivel by FaceCake system allows you to see how a clothing item or accessory will look on you -- no need to undress! Just wave your hand over the menu items to select them and they will appear virtually "over" your body on the screen. Further, the Swivel by FaceCake system will also suggest outfit ideas for you and allow you to share what you've "tried on" with your friends.

According to Discovery.com, the system is currently available for at-home use, but there are plans to take the Swivel to physical retail stores.