From Gelato Popsicle Bars to Beef Broth Popsicles

 - Jul 18, 2016
Summer is the perfect season to enjoy icy summer treats like gelato, ice cream and ice pops. Flavors and presentation have certainly gotten more creative as brands and independent shops have tried to create unique products.

Places like Popbar and the Museum of Ice Cream had taken unique spins on the classic ice cream shop. Popbar is full of handcrafted gelato with a twist since it's served on a stick. The Museum of Ice Cream features interactive ice cream inspired exhibits as well as artisanal samples of custom flavored ice creams. Amorino's artisan gelato boutique in London offered consumers 10 vegan gelato flavors that were crafted into flowers.

Anyone looking for icy summer treats to beat the heat certainly have an array of options to try.