This Italian-Style Ice Cream Takes Flavor Inspiration from Crème Fraîche

 - Oct 7, 2016
References: snoqualmieicecream
This gelato, or Italian-style ice cream by Snoqualmie offers a fresh take on frozen desserts. The ice cream product is made with simple ingredients like milk, cultured cream, skim milk, sugar and sugared egg yolks, yet it takes its flavor inspiration from an unusual source—crème fraîche, which is a naturally soured cream.

The all-natural ice cream product is made from non-GMO ingredients and boasts a formula that's free from added hormones, preservatives and artificial flavors.

Rather than trying to come up with exotic and inventive new flavor pairings, many food and beverage brands are simply looking to adjacent products inside or outside of their own category to create crossover flavors inspired by other items that are already familiar to consumers. Snoqualmie's Crème Fraiche Gelato is a perfect example of this.