This Ice Pop Combines Granola and a Smoothie for On-the-Go Eating

 - May 13, 2016
References: heatherchristo
These frozen breakfast ice pops are an ideal for on-the-go eating with a format that allows consumers to enjoy two healthy morning meals in one. The popsicle contains a wholesome berry smoothie laced with granola to provide a sustainable breakfast that can be consumed in a pinch and without the need for utensils.

The popsicle breakfast pops are a recipe put together by Heather Christo that provides consumers with a pre-made morning meal that can be consumed while commuting. The ice pops are made with healthy ingredients including fresh fruit and nut milk to create the smoothie base. Granola is added to the popsicle for added crunch and wholesome carbs to make the frozen treat that much more filling. Since the breakfast is frozen, it is an ideal meal choice in hotter months.