- Aug 26, 2012
These frog-related products showcase these incredibly awesome creatures. From awesomely patterned and colored looks to some of the remarkable things that they can do, frogs are quite simply terrific.

These frog innovations include fashion (Lady Gaga for example), pop culture (Muppets movie, anyone?), food, technology, science, humor and more. As one of the neatest creatures on the planet, frogs are known to range hugely in species—offering some of the poisonous variety even.

From the point where they are tadpoles to the stage where they are fully grown, they are a fascinating species. Anatomy classes study frogs for a reason—they are interesting to try to understand. However, live frogs are simply better, and offer a sweet array of different and diverse inspirations.

From Funky Amphibian Footwear to Ecological Insight Advertising: