Electrolyte Replacement Therapy May Save Frogs from Fungus

 - Oct 31, 2009   Updated: Jun 15 2011
References: newscientist & cryptozoologynews.blogspot
The chytrid fungus has been taking a heavy toll on frog populations in recent years. The fungus kills frogs because it impairs absorption of electrolytes through the skin. While there is no cure, an orally ingested electrolyte replacement, Gatorade for frogs, might delay the disease.

Implications - If frogs catch the disease, what happens to them is similar to what is called hyponatraemia, which happens when a human drinks too much water too fast. This can lead to heart attacks and even death.

Frogs are beautiful creatures that play a big part in our ecosystems. It is important to prolong the life of threatened animals so that they can complete their reproduction cycles and maintain the circle of life.