Reusing Drink Bottles will Make You Feel Froggy With Eco-Friendliness

 - Feb 20, 2009
References: & greenupgrader
A Viennese industrial design student, Miulein, created a little zippered container using the bottoms of PET bottles. The frog-like contraption can be used as a chunky purse, a place to stash small items or a really fat wallet. That doesn’t mean it will have money in it. It will just be fat.

We use PET (polyethylene terephthalate) a lot, especially for drink containers. It is a material that will outlive you. In fact, it won’t even start to break down until the 28th century. That would be like having something used by medieval peasants still around today. Short of giving up the products that come in it altogether, finding ways to recycle and reuse PET bottes is a good idea.

Miulein is actually Zitta Schnitt, an industrial design student. You can see more of her work here.

FEBRUARY 2010 UPDATE: Zitta Schnitt e-mailed us this addition to our original feature, which we have reproduced in full below:


The PET Bottle Purse consists of two pieces of PET bottles and a zipper. The transformed item of daily use allocates a new place in its usage. It becomes little companion from everyday life for everyday life, accessible trough the OPEN SOURCE DESIGN below.

A construction tutorial for "PET BOTTLE PURSE" is available at in English and German.

Design: Zitta Schnitt, 2004