This CF Payne Series is Imaginative and Peculiar

 - Jun 29, 2012
CF Payne is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based artist whose work has been featured on the covers of such publications as Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine and The New York Times Book Review.

Payne is regularly commissioned to paint famous figures like politicians, entertainers and authors. As seen in his work featured here, he usually takes artistic licensees.

One of the pictures in this series, titled 'Americana,' depicts the five apostles of communism -- Lenin, Stalin, Marx, Trotsky and Mao -- as polar bears -- why not? In another frame, Payne portrays a man-sized frog playing the bagpipes in full highlander attire. Another painting shows a creature that is a woman from the waist down but a frog from the waist up; this frog-woman creature poses in such a way as to resemble Marilyn Monroe.