Brullie the Bullfrog Gets a New Lease on Life

 - Apr 6, 2009
References: ananova
The first frog in the world to ever be fitted with a false leg is named Brullie, and if he weren’t recovering in a hospital in South Africa, he would surely get up and take a bow! Read on and be amazed at the wonders of modern science.

According to news sources, Brullie, a giant bullfrog, shattered his lower leg bone after being bitten by a dog. Owner Anne Mearns, 62, of Johannesburg, is a wildlife expert who writes teaching material for schools. She had this to say about her beloved frog:

"I couldn’t bear to see him in so much pain. Frogs are famous for their legs, so the thought of Brullie being left lame broke my heart. I knew without surgery he would never move again, so I to rushed to the vet and begged him to operate. The vet was more used to saving cats and dogs and couldn’t understand why I was so worried about a frog, but he eventually agreed."

Brullie’s ordeal is a story with a happy ending. His x-rays indicate that he soon will be good as new. Now he is healing and hopping around the garden in back of his home.

Surgery lasted a few hours and Brullie remained unconscious after the vet rubbed a tiny dose of watered-down dog anesthetic into his porous skin. The surgeon, who operated for free, then opened the damaged limb to insert the tiny steel rod over the snapped right leg bone.

Here’s to Brullie, his new legs and his many caring friends!