Mex'x Wheelchair

 - Mar 15, 2008
Innovation for children's health is fantastic, which is why it's so great to see the Mex'x Wheelchair for Children by Meyra-Ortopedia among six other finalists in the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year.

The wheelchair was designed especially for kids with disabilities, having cool details that would excite the young owners. The Mex'x Wheelchair won the Transportation Art portion of the competition and is now running among six other genres for top Design of 2007.

It's available in a variety of funky colours and design features, like the one in the gallery with the giant frog on the wheels and a vivid green paint job. These rides look seriously hip compared to traditional wheelchairs.

"Seat and undercarriage are constructed independently from each other so that the advantages of a folding wheelchair can be combined with the variability of a regular wheelchair with fixed frame," Red Dot explains. "The colour combinations available and the number of spokes protection models reflect a design particularly suitable for children. To individually adjust the wheelchair, two frame lengths and three steering wheel sizes are available."

Who said wheelchairs had to be boring or ugly?