Tangerine Peel Figurines by Yoshihiro Okada are Sweet

 - May 17, 2012
References: okadas & odditycentral
These Tangerine Peel Figurines by Yoshihiro Okada have shown that fruit peels have a place in more than just compost bins. Using a sharp imagination and an even sharper blade, Okada creates fun animal depictions from decomposable goods.

Okada started making his fruity friends 6 years ago after noticing that his tangerine peel resembled an animal shape. This initial encounter inspired him to perfect his peeling technique. Since then, Yoshihiro Okada has drastically refined his skills and makes upwards of 80 different animals from a single strand of tangerine peel. He often compares his art form to origami as only one material, be it paper or tangerine peel, is used to produce an intricate design. His creations range from squids or monkeys to dragons, lobsters and frogs. For his amphibian creations, Okada uses the lesser ripe green peel for a more realistic representation.

Yoshihiro Okada has authored 2 books hoping to advance the peeling art form and encourage others to engage with it. Both of his books have sold over 100,000 copies and are available in a DVD version. Now you can teach yourself the tricks of peeling art and possibly make crazy critters for your little ones at breakfast time.