The Auratus Chair is Influenced by the Poisonous Dart Frog

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: yankodesign
If you are looking for a deadly piece of furniture to add to your existing home decor, I suggest you seriously consider the Auratus Chair. This killer seat is a modern and abstract interpretation of a poisonous dart frog. Brightly colored, crouched and wide, it really does look like an amphibian.

Designed by Wilson Niño, the Auratus Chair is, thankfully, nontoxic and slime-free. If that weren't the case, it can be assumed that many wouldn't considered buying it, let alone sit in it. With its ultra-plush cushion and reclining back, the Auratus Chair takes on the personality of a lounger more than anything else. Simple yet striking, it will become a subtle statement piece in anyone's home.