An Interview with Photographer Kevin Twomey Reveals His Inspiration

San Francisco Bay Area photographer Kevin Twomey creates images for award-winning ad campaigns as well as his own personal projects. The gifted artist studied theatrical set and lighting design in New York, where he also produced images for editorial features.

Twomey moved to the Bay Area in 1998. There, he continues to grow as an image-maker, pushing not only the boundaries of the medium, but his own physical boundaries by competing in statewide triathlons.

When I asked Twomey what makes his work unique, he replied that it is his "ability to take the absolute most mundane everyday object and bring it to an iconic level."

It’s an apt assessment. His images transcend what is expected. Under his expert management, vegetables become sculpture and butterflies become wheels of motion and color. But the work he is most proud of, at least for the moment, is his organic series.

"I like being able to create an image that is able to work on different levels;  existing in both a commercial and a fine art world. Also, I just finished a body of work with the Academy of Sciences (San Francisco) that was used for a book based on Darwin’s theory of evolution.," Twomey says.
Stunning images from the book shoot are in the Assignments 2 section of his website.

When responding to my question, "How do you see your work contributing to the field of photography?" Twomey’s answer was as clear as his photographic eye:

"I look at myself more of an image maker, rather than a camera man or a technician, trying to produce work that can hold up beyond a few second glance.   I like to push the boundaries a bit, creating images that may sometimes be a little disturbing but beautiful at the same time. I think the images I create help the field of photography to continually build upon itself by inspiring others to push the boundaries even further." 

A sample of Kevin Twomey’s work is online at his website and of course, in the book, Evolution at the California Academy of Sciences, which is available for pre-order.

All images courtesy of Kevin Twomey with special acknowledgment for Poison Dart Frog from the collection of The California Academy of Sciences.