From Beard Enthusiast Blogs to Flipped Facial Hair

 - Jun 26, 2011
Considered one of the most significant tellers of manhood, these facial hair fascinations are sure to tickle your chin with their uniqueness.

From hairy appetite blogs to facial hair sculptures, the idea of facial hair has sparked advertising campaigns, competitions and generally unique products that prove to be truly one of a kind. Between the popularization of the hipster style and Movember, men everywhere are proud to don facial hair.

These facial hair fascinations don't just stop at males, though. Products have been made into fashion targeting females such as jewelry or shirts. Additionally, products such as hairy cake pans disregard facial hair as being something one must wear and instead create fun byproducts that are cute.

These facial hair fascinations range from bizarre to just plain comical, making these a must-see for the beard enthusiast in your life.