The Facial Awareness Tumblr is Hair-y Great

 - May 17, 2011
References: facialawareness.tumblr & itsnicethat
The Facial Awareness Tumblr site is every beard enthusiast's dream.

The Tumblr site is completely devoted to photographs of fantastic men and their even more fantastic facial hair. The site is basic as it just focuses on the magnificent facial hair. The site includes various pictures of beards, mustaches and goatees.

The Facial Awareness site ranges in photographs, including men with just basic beard styles to men with truly bizarre styles. One man, whose beard is quite lengthy, has even placed beard picks in his grey wonder.

The Facial Awareness site is a great way to get ideas for your facial hair. With unique styles, textures, colors and accessories, this Tumblr site is purely beautiful and will make anyone envious.