From Eminem to White Pollution

 - Oct 18, 2008   Updated: Aug 11 2011
From traditional wedding gowns to Eminem, the word 'white' can evoke a broad spectrum of vibrant imagery. Depending on the context, the mention of the word 'white' can vary vastly.

This slideshow highlights the diversity of what the word 'white' can describe as an adjective, and includes features such as white space in advertising, Caucasian rappers like Eminem, funky uber modern furniture, mythical characters like Snow White, and white pollution bans.

Implications - Many individuals within society develop strong feelings of attachment to ideas and subjects concerning pop culture icons and movements. Businesses can benefit in many ways by offering products and services that match these societal infatuations. Consumers will likely opt for the products that reflect not only their own preferences, but also those of their peers.