- May 31, 2008   Updated: May 25 2011
References: fun-genius
At first glance, this dramatic chandelier looks ordinarily beautiful, but look closer, and you'll be bloody surprised! The monster-sized chandelier is actually composed of hundreds of white O.B. tampons.

The tampon brand is certainly soaking up a lot of attention from exhibit viewers. As long as the fire sprinklers aren't set off, it works as a magnificent PR stunt for O.B.

Implications - Companies that have products that fall under the hygiene category have difficulty finding unique ways to use stunts to market their products. In this case, O.B. was able to create something breathtaking out of their product in a way that their competitors would not dare to do. These ideas result in free media and exposure for the company, which is why tampon chandeliers (though mildly weird) are a great idea.