- Aug 21, 2011
Chic chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, from ocean-inspired designs to hung lighting made from umbrellas. These creatively designed light fixtures demonstrate how lighting is about both practicality and decoration.

Viewers can now illuminate a room with a chic chandelier made entirely out of flower pots. This design would be perfect for the avid gardener looking to bring their passion inside the home. For those who are feeling a little more risqué, the tampon chandelier is another unique invention that gives a more unusual twist to the dining room. Whatever your preference, these chic chandeliers will spice up any home.

Implications - With so many products on the market, contemporary consumers are looking for purchases that will make them stand out. Companies would be wise to offer products that allow users to express their individual style.

From Untamed Timber Lighting to Exotic Eco Illuminators: