'Swarovski Floor Chandelier' Illuminates With 6,400 Gems

 - Feb 18, 2009
References: studiodror
If I had to picture an innovative approach to lighting, I would say it would be a giant crystal-loaded chandelier yielded to its weight once and poured onto a floor; that was probably the "ah ha" moment for a designer who realized it is probably even nicer in this context, and who then created the Swarovski Floor Chandelier.

Designed by Studio Dror, the overflowing frames of this design embrace a dense knit of the admired luminous crystals. The 6,400 gems emit a dramatic ambient glow, gently illuminating the space as well as the floor. A true Swarovski celebration, this chandelier could easily pass for a Studio Dior design, probably though with a golden frame upgrade.