Voila's Handelier Lights Come in Handy When Lighting Your Home

 - May 20, 2011
References: voilagallery & design-milk
Is your home shrouded in darkness? Could you use an occasional high-five? If so, this handy product will help you solve both those problems.

Design company Voila's Handelier lights are a contemporary and humorous take on chic chandeliers. This fashionable fixture is made out of metal arms and hands hanging upside down. There are small holes poked into the metal, allowing light to escape from the light-up limbs.

Voila has also designed additional matching handy fixtures. An arm fixture that can reach up from the floor, or anolther that can high-five you from the walls are other lighting installs that were a part of his line. These lights add laughter to your life, and light to your living spaces.

Voila's Handelier lights will always come in handy in your home.