The Vague Stelle Lamp is Light and Whimsical

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: bdbarcelona & trendir
The Vague Stelle lamp looks as though it has twinkling stars or falling raindrops hanging from its metal fixture. A simple, yet stunning design, it boasts both modern and medieval features that make it exceptionally exquisite.

Created and designed by Antoni de Moragas for Barcelona Design, the Vague Stelle lamp is particularly unique because it uses small bulbs like those used for Christmas lights rather than typical medium-sized or regular-sized bulbs. The negative space in this spherical chandelier make it airy and whimsical, while the metal materials make it strong and masculine as well.

The Vague Stelle lamp is made with polished, varnished or chromed brass with Pyrex tubes surrounded by stainless steel-braided wires from which the bulbs hang. Each lamp can be customized to be large or small by combining as many as desired.