From Eco-Friendly Lights to Light Up DIY Decore

 - Nov 26, 2013
Christmas lights have to be my most favorite holiday decoration. Don't they just make the whole scene sparkle with Christmas cheer? Since I've been a kid awaiting Santa's arrival, Christmas lights have seemed to evolve a bit.

Buying Christmas lights has become something you now have an option of doing. No longer are you restricted to just what the stores have to offer when there are a plethora of DIY holiday decoration ideas on the Internet and yes, that even includes twinkling red and green lights. These most used Christmas decorations are no longer even strung along your house or tree, today you can find people embedding their vehicles with these cheery blinkers.

As the world evolves, I suppose holidays do too. One the tradition my children experience will be something so far gone from what I witnessed as a child. Maybe they'll even have a robot Santa.