The Kartonklunker Chandelier Combines Low Materials for High Class

 - May 27, 2011
References: & swiss-miss
The definition of what makes a chandelier has changed throughout recent years, but one of my favorite contemporary translations is the Kartonklunker Chandelier. Designed by Rainer & Tobias Kyburz, this fancy fixture is anything but crystalline, yet it emits such an elegance that many would hardly notice that it's actually made of cardboard.

The beauty of this hanging lamp is its hands-on nature that one does not have access to with many historical examples. The object arrives in a postmarked package with a set of instructions for the owner to manufacture it himself. An instruction manual describes how each piece of corrugated paper must be slotted into the next, and the final product of the Kartonklunker Chandelier has such lighthearted grace that one would hardly guess it's homemade.